The secret of an infinity pool

The Secret of an Infinity Pool

Do you know what is an infinity pool? It is a swimming pool that has an infinite view of the horizon. The fresh and the tranquillity of a pool water will surely calm your spirit. And it can be very soothing. These pools are known by this name: Infinity pools. And that is because they produce a visual effect with no boundary. They are considered luxurious pools and extremely pleasant for those who like to delve into tranquility and quietness.

In this article, we will show you some examples of this type of pools and reveal their biggest secret!

Do you know the secret of an Infinity pool?

There is a detail in this type of swimming pool that sometimes escapes a keen eye. We all had seen beautiful infinity pools pictures online. This photos torments and amaze us, because of its ability to merge the pool water with the ocean, or with the sky. The no end sensation and its horizon fusion creates in us a feeling of peace and comfort. An infinity pool has a secret feature that turned it into the swimming pool that everyone is talking about. You see this type of pool in private houses, on the top of skyscrapers or in a 5-star luxurious resort.

They can create a visual effect that is nothing more than an optical illusion of continuity, that is, water seems to merge with the horizon because it extends as if it were infinite. And for this effect to be created on this type of swimming pools, one of its edges is slightly lower than the water level! That’s it!

The water that falls on this edge is injected back into the pool. However, a device is required to collect this water permanently. Due to this particularity, the infinity pools are more expensive than the traditional ones. But the effect they create is indeed surprising.

Tips for Infinity Pool Layout

Here are some tips for designing this pool on the ground:

  • For enjoying all great sunsets, you must project the infinity pool edge to face where the sun goes down (for us here in Portugal, the northwest),
  • Choose an environmentally friendly pool liner to the pool area. For example, if the infinity pool is next to the mountain, choose greenish liners.
  • If you have a slope at the edge of the land, the pool will gain a greater beauty.


traditional infinity pool


modern infinity pool

country infinity pool

infinity pool in the wilderness

This type of pool is more expensive than traditional ones. But surely you can offset the investment because of its enhance property value and will make you feel permanently on paradisiacal vacation.