SOLEO Pool Treatment

Healthy water for the whole family

More than ever, technological innovation in the automatic treatment of swimming pools has made it easier and more comfortable to maintain a swimming pool. The automatic disinfection equipment is completely autonomous. It cans constantly and automatically regulate and disinfect pool water. An effective and convenient solution for the swimming pool treatment.

– No unpleasant odor
– No chlorine taste
– Do not irritate the eyes or mucous membranes
– Does not dry the skin, favoring tanning
– Does not discolor hair

Tratamento de piscinas SOLEO

 Swimming pool innovative treatment

A swimming pool treatment with a salt electrolyser that holds an exclusive advantage. These allow doing a water disinfection without the use of chemical products.

The electrolysis process is performed on a titanium cell pre-installed in the filtration circuit. Adding salt to the pool water will allow it to pass through the cell to decompose into sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite will act as a disinfectant by purifying and destroying the bacteria and algae present in the pool water. Then it will recombine and return to its salt form.

Tratamento de piscinas SOLEO

SOLEO Salt Electrolyser
It offers a higher performance and easier handling in the treatment of the pool water.

Tratamento de piscinas SOLEO

Salt Electrolyser + pH
It is a solution that allows you to stay rested when it comes to pool maintenance.

Tratamento de piscinas - Sal

Salt for swimming pool water treatment
It is a special regenerated salt, essential to a perfect electrolysis process