OVERFLOW Pool Structure

Innovative building systems

The SOLEO OVERFLOW pool structure was developed and manufactured based on the RP INDUSTRIES long experience regarding to the swimming pool construction systems. The OVERFLOW pool structure can be composed of three different types of steel.

The unique steels for the OVERFLOW pool structure were submitted to very rigorous tests according to the demanding norms ISO 3497, EN ISO 2808, EN ISO 9227 and EN ISO 4628. These tests determined the mass per surface unit, the panel´s average thickness, the thickness of the organic coating and the performance of the panel in an artificial atmosphere of neutral salt fog.

The performance of the tests carried out by an independent laboratory (LNEG-LMR) allowed exposure of OVERFLOW swimming pool steels structure to all chemical aggression and saline fog,

In the end, it was possible to prove what was expected. STEELPRIME, PRIMASTEEL and SPECTRON steel structures use the most sturdy steals for the installation of swimming pools.


estrutura piscina OVERFLOW

3 Solutions to choose from

RP INDUSTRIES exclusively developed the STEELPRIME, SPECTRON and PRIMASTEEL new panels for the SOLEO pool. These new panels are equipped with innovative technology that can offer up to 10 times more resistance than traditional galvanized steel. These panels allow the application of different types of coating.

painel piscina Soleo Steelprime
painel piscina Soleo Spectron

STEELPRIME steel panel

STEELPRIME is a galvanized steel with 2mm thickness, coated on both sides with zinc-aluminum and magnesium composition. This unique chemical composition is applied by a continuous process through hot immersion.
Coating possibilities: Reinforced Liner 150/100.

SPECTRON steel panel

SPECTRON steel has the Steelprime properties and a 2,2 mm thickness. This panel is coated on both sides with a composition of zinc-aluminum and magnesium, and also has an organic protection that gives it a unique durability.
Coating possibilities: Reinforced Liner 150/100.

PRIMASTEEL steel panel

PRIMASTEEL is a galvanized steel with 2,3mm thickness, PVC coated on both sides. This is a Steelprime panel with a special protection who ads a very high resistance.
There are two types of coating possibilities: Reinforced Liner 150/100 or Glass mosaic tile.