SOLEO Pool Liners

How to give life and color to your pool

The SOLEO pool´s 75/100 liners are manufactured in a 100% virgin vinyl. They have a very high elasticity, an anti-ultraviolet, and an anti-algae treatment. SOLEO liner is responsible for the waterproofing of your pool, ensuring a finish and offering greater beauty to your pool.

This innovative concept had been using for more than 40 years in the swimming pools construction, and currently, equips more than 70% of the existing swimming pools in the all world market
Completely computer-designed, the SOLEO liner allows for exceptional durability – a 15-year degressive guarantee – while at the same time avoiding the very common problems in conventional pool constructions such as cracks or mosaic replacements.
With a wide range of colors and patterns, the SOLEO liner will directly influence the life and tone of your pool.

You can choose to coat your pool between two distinct ranges: solid color liners or printed liners. The variety of choice will surely make your pool stay in tune with your personality.

Liner Piscinas SOLEO

SOLEO pool´s Liner – Modernity and comfort

The SOLEO´s liners range is able to offer a set of shades and patterns for you to customize your pool with an excellent aesthetic. The two available ranges are manufactured accordingly to a demanding industrial process ensuring the perfect waterproofing of a swimming pool.

PREMIUM 2010 Solid color Liners – 75/100

Liner Piscinas SOLEO - Bleu FranceBleu France

Liner SOLEO - Bleu PaleBleu Pale

Liner SOLEO - BlancBlanc

Liner SOLEO - SableSable

Liner SOLEO - VertVert

Liner SOLEO - GrisGris

Liner SOLEO - AnthraciteAnthracite

Liner SOLEO - NoirNoir