Contingency Plan For The Survey Covid-19

For public health reasons and taking into account the recommendations of the DGS, the RPI Group advises its employees, customers, suppliers and the general public to take some preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

● Avoid physical contact;

● Wash your hands frequently with soap and disinfect them;

● Avoid clusters and maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters.

To all our customers and suppliers we ask to give priority to telephone or e-mail contact, thus avoiding travel to our company.

We also communicate that the store and exhibition hours will be reduced. Please see here.

Soleo Pool

SOLEO pools present a range of perfect models for your garden or terrace


Solutions of excellence for
swimming pools at unbeatable prices.


SOLEO Pools is an RP INDUSTRIES brand, who has been leading the market for more than two decades.
RP INDUSTRIES is a company specialized in the manufacture and installation of swimming pools. This company owns innovative and patented solutions and has more than 53 500 swimming pools installed in four continents.

The excellence of the RP pool solutions is proven by the numerous private and public pools in luxury resorts, hotels, and water parks, installed worldwide

If your dream of getting a pool has not yet been fulfilled, you will find for sure in the different range of RP INDUSTRIES pools, a model who will be the answer to your need.
At RP INDUSTRIES we know how important a pool is for you. No details will be left to chance!

Projectos de Eleição Piscinas

Major Projects

The best achievements of RP pools in Portugal and in the world. RP Industries has a high technical and human capacity that allowed the installation of swimming pools in important developments, hotels, and luxury resorts.

Soleo Assistance

Support Services

RP INDUSTRIES support services are based on the principles and acquired knowledge over more than two decades by a large team of pool professionals.

Piscinas SOLEO - Vantagens

What a pool will do for you

A pool installation is capable of providing you with infinite advantages. It offers you all the comfort and well-being, promotes a leisure experience among friends and family, as well as increases the value of your estate.


The strongest on the market

The SOLEO structure is made of galvanized steel with a 30-year warranty. Uses the strongest steel in building pools. This steel is an exclusive RP Industries that has been tested and certified by independent laboratories..

Extremely fast and easy to install

Exclusively developed by RP, SOLEO offers a simple and robust installation. In just 4 to 5 days you will get a superior resistance pool, avoiding all the drawbacks that come with a traditional concrete pool.

Piscinas SOLEO PME Lider

Suspect imitations

The decision to acquire a pool is an unquestionable big step in any person´s life, and this decision should not be threatened lightly.

When you deliver your pool project, remember to do it with a trustworthy company. In this phase, reason and good sense should prevent future unpleasant, but unfortunately very common, situations.

At RP INDUSTRIES we have nothing to hide and it is of the utmost importance to share everything about our company. You can check all the documents and certifications that make RP INDUSTRIES a world reference in the pool market and you may know the reasons why some companies impersonate us.

3 Questions before you buy a Swimming Pool

If you are thinking “I should Buy a Swimming Pool!”, you should know that it is a serious act. And you will need to make a thorough study of all different variables. The process of unraveling all the information found throughout this study, especially what you will find online on this subject, can be overwhelming. Therefore, we decided to gather with our technical teams to reduce this phase of research to only 3 questions. Let´s see them:

  • WHEN should I start collecting information?
  • WHO should I ask for this information?
  • WHEN should I install my pool?
Naturalis swimming pool


The NATURALIS swimming pool were developed and patented by RP INDUSTRIES, SA. This pool is a result of the revolutionary and innovative development that reflects an elevated concrete swimming pool with a true wood appearance

The NATURALIS Pool is a project based on a Do It Yourself (DIY) concept. It is very easy and quick to install, resulting in a pool with an aesthetic beauty, an ecological concern, and a great durability.

The NATURALIS Pools have a reinforced concrete structure that looks like wood, that can resist to frost and defrosts. This pool are maintenance-free and can resist in time for much longer and without rotting.