A range of pool maintenance products

The maintenance of swimming pools through the SOLEO product line had been carefully selected. With these products, you can obtain a high-quality maintenance for the swimming pool water. The SOLEO pool maintenance products range has been manufactured using the best components. It can effectively solve water quality problems while allowing significant savings when compared with other brands.

– Economic and effective;
– Specially developed for swimming pools;
– Not aggressive to coatings;
– They do not contain copper sulfate.


The SOLEO pool maintenance products range offer above-average performance regardless of the type of coating.
Whether in liner, fiber or glass mosaic tile coating, SOLEO pool maintenance products will guarantee excellent performance.

With the experience and leadership in the market for more than two decades, RP INDUSTRIES has designed its SOLEO pool maintenance products.

tratamento 5 em 1 Soleo
Multifunction 5 in 1

With only one product, allows you a complete treatment for swimming pool maintenance.

Cloro líquido para manutenção de piscinas
Liquid Chlorine

Designed specifically for use in automatic treatment equipment.

Cloro lento para manutenção de piscinas
Slow Chlorine

A product specially developed for pools with constant chlorination does not change pH values.

Cloro Choc (pastilhas)

Produto em pastilhas para desinfeção e manutenção de piscinas. Permite obter uma água pura e cristalina.

Cloro Choc granulado
Fast Chlorine (granular)

Developed for use exclusively in concrete pools allows quick chlorination of the pool.

Limpeza Linha de água Soleo
Water line cleaning

Product developed to eliminate grease and dirt on the walls of the pool near the water line.

Recuperador de água verde
Green Water Recovery

Designed to eliminate algae and bacteria, it is a powerful disinfectant for pool maintenance.

Bromo para manutenção de piscinas

For application in hot water pools. Because of this heat are more subject to the rise of the pH

Oxigénio ativo Soleo
Active Oxygen

Developed for the disinfection and maintenance of private pools. This product does not cause a pH change.

Concentrated Algaecid

Liquid product developed to disinfect water by causing the destruction of algae and microorganisms.

Algicida Abrilhantador Soleo
Algaecide Brightness

Liquid disinfectant with luster developed to avoid the development of algae in the pool water.

pH Menos Líquido Soleo
Liquid pH Minus

A liquid product specially developed to lower the pH of the water whenever it is higher than 7.6.

pH Menos em pó Soleo
Powder pH Minus

Powder product developed to decrease the pH of pool water when it is above 7.6.

pH Mais Líquido Soleo
Liquid pH Plus

Liquid product developed to increase the pH of the water whenever it is less than 7.2.

pH Menos em pó Soleo
Powder pH Plus

Powder product developed to increase the pH of the pool water when it is below 7.2.

Floculante liquido Soleo
Liquid Flocculent

Developed to accelerate the suspended matter so that it becomes heavier and deposits on the bottom.

Flocculant cartridge

Cartridge product to accelerate the suspended matter, allowing it to become heavier and settle to the bottom.

Hibernador Soleo
Winter Cleaner

Developed to hibernate pools, especially during winter time.

Anticalcário Soleo

Liquid product to provide resistance to halogens and avoid encrustations in pipes and filters.

Bactericida Soleo
Algaecide Bactericide

A product specially developed for the disinfection and cleaning of spas, showers, solariums or beach areas.

Incrementador alcalinidade Soleo
Alkalinity Increaser

To increase alkalinity and adjust optimization levels 125-150 ppm (CO3Ca).

Flovil calarificante Soleo
Clarifier Flovil

A product specially designed to optimize the quality of flint, cartridge or diatomite filters up to 5 microns.

Flovil Choc Soleo
Flovil Choc

Ultra concentrated clarifying product specially developed for all types of water treatments.

Flovil duo
Flovil Duo

A flocculant product for the prevention of algae formation with ability to act in a few hours, painless and comfortable.

Flovil Secal Soleo
Flovil Secal

Developed to prevent limescale deposits on the bottom and walls of the pool and obstruction of the filters.


Pre-filter for skimmer basket designed to reduce maintenance and saturation of all types of filters.

Chlorine Stabilizer

Designed to enhance and prolong the chlorine disinfection action to maximize your performance.

Mini kit spa Soleo
Mini kit Spa

An effective quick-acting disinfectant product for the maintenance of your spa or hot tub water

Wasp Repellent

Designed to keep insects and wasps away. With lemon scent, this product acts without killing the insects.

Neta Inox
Neta Inox

Dispersing and deoxidizing product without foam for the cleaning of stainless steel accessories (stairs, showers).