OVERFLOW Finnish Gutter

Finnish gutter – the real pool water mirror

The OVERFLOW Finnish gutter pool was developed based on the same principles as the SOLEO line. This innovative concept was developed and patented by RP INDUSTRIES, which allows the installation of a mirror water pool in just 7 to 8 days.

The Finnish OVERFLOW gutter concept is the result of a technology that takes full advantage of the resistance of steel and concrete combined with the possibility of applying different coatings such as 150/100 reinforced liner or glass tile mosaic. Equipped with its own characteristics, the technology used in the SOLEO OVERFLOW pool with a Finnish gutter allows overcoming the most common problems associated with conventional concrete systems, which often require expensive repairs.

The whole research process applied in the development of the OVERFLOW Finnish gutter concept has identified all the needs that ensure its perfect functioning. This enabled the implementation of the anti-seismic technology that gives the SOLEO OVERFLOW a superior resistance to seismic activities, natural soil compaction, and even thermal amplitude.