Pool Heating

A 28ºC dip throughout the year

The water temperature is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when using the pool. For those who want a more comfortable dive and at a more desirable temperature it is essential to equip the pool with an SOLEO pool heating system.

Designed by the most modern technologies, the pool heating solutions presented stand out for their reliability and low cost.

– Innovative and highly efficient technologies;
– Comfortable water temperature;
– Controlled operating costs;
– Dehumidifying solutions for indoor swimming pools.

Aquecimento de piscinas SOLEO


The SOLEO swimming pool heating range has a series of solutions with the capacity to fit the characteristics of each space. The SOLEO swimming pool heating solution is designed for those who do not dispense a comfortable water temperature throughout all year.

aquecimento de piscinas - bomba de calor

Heat Pump
The heat pump is the most used pool heating system. It is a simple operation which allows capturing the heat energy in the air and proceeds to transfer it to the pool water. 80% of the energy supplied is free.

permutadores de calor RP

Inline Electric Heater
With the use of an oil or fuel boiler or a heat pump, it is possible to use the heat exchanger for heating the water. It is common to use at weekends or in periods of greater pool use.

Aquecedor eletrico_RP

Electric Heater
With a reasonably low investment, it´s possible to heat the water rapidly. They are reliable and are often used by harnessing the house’s heating system so that it can provide calories to the water in the pool.

Aquecimento de piscinas - caldeira RP

The swimming pool heating system using a gas or fuel boiler allows a significant increase in the pool water temperature.

Desumidificador RP

Its use is essential in indoor pools in order to ensure hygrometry from 60% to 70% for the user comfort and equipment preservation.