Swimming pool models – SOLEO OVERFLOW Bottoms

Swimming pools models of with bottoms for family or sports use
Customization tailored to each user’s profile

The OVERFLOW pool models are available with 5 types of bottoms for a perfect adaptation to the profile of its users.
Designed to provide the best integration of the pool with the intended use, the SOLEO OVERFLOW pool types allow total adaptability to the needs of its users, whether they have more sporting characteristics or for a family use.

Modelos de piscinas OVERFLOW - Fundo Plano


The constant depth of the Flat bottom for the OVERFLOW pool models allows you to enjoy a safe use with a standard height of 1.40m. This bottom was developed for a family use environment and can be installed with 0.50m, 1.10m, 1.50m and 1.60m depths
Very easy to install, this can even be a solution to our client. Because of its configuration, this type of OVERFLOW swimming pool bottom offers greater and easily maintenance.

Modelos Piscinas OVERFLOW - Fundo Composto


With two distinct depth areas, the composed bottom for the OVERFLOW pool models allows a great dynamic when you use your swimming pool. Designed with a flat play area of 1.10m height, the composed bottom reaches 1.40m deep in its deepest zone through a gentle slope.

Modelos de piscinas OVERFLOW - Fundo Pirâmide


It is the most traditional model of the SOLEO swimming pool range. The pyramidal bottom has a depth that varies between 1.10 and 2.00 meters. It can offer ideal depths for those who want to enjoy great dives using a diving board and the small slopes ensure user safety in deeper areas. This model features can offer great savings in its maintenance.

Modelos de piscinas OVERFLOW - Fundo Praia

BEACH Bottom

The RP INDUSTRIES constantly seeks to offer to the pool users unique moments, and the BEACH bottom model can be the latest addition to your pool configuration. The BEACH bottom model has a steady slope that starts with a depth of 0 meters to a maximum depth of 1.40 meter. This model is the perfect option for the simulation of a lake or a natural beach.

Modelos de piscinas OVERFLOW - Fundo Relax

RELAX Bottom

Both the BEACH and the RELAX bottoms are part of the latest developments in the SOLEO pool bottoms range. The RELAX bottom is equipped with a minimum zone depth of 0.20m and can reach, with a gentle slope up to 1.40 m. The bottom allows a
In this 0, 20m of depth zone you can place a small terrace in the water and enjoy an extreme relaxation. This model is part of a superior range of previous models.