Proudly distinguished among the best

The pride of completing 25 years of history is extolled by the awards recently won by RP Industries.

The status of PME Excellence is once again the result of a superior socio-economic achievement, where growth, innovation and internationalization strategies allow to RP Industries to present high levels of performance and financial soundness.

During this same period, we concluded the implementation of the Quality Management System. The commitment in this process was motivated by the strategic objectives of growth and positioning of RP Industries, where it is imperative to be efficient at the organizational, procedural and technological level.

From internal requirements of rigor and cost control, which require constant dynamics of optimization, improvement and innovation, but also by constant growth, we realize how fundamental is the frequent technological update, the improvement of human capital and the construction of robust processes.

It’s in this context that we have became a part of a set of companies that are responsible for more than 86,600 jobs, more then 10 billion euros of business volume, of which 24% is a result of exportation. And also, present a financial autonomy, profitability levels of own capital, investment and sales above the average of PME Lider 2018

The whole team is gratified and proud of the goals achieved, for the path taken and the for distinctions that prove the daily effort, but also, the solidity and suitability of the company.

Specializing in the design, production and commercialization of integrated swimming pool solutions, RP Industries is a company that celebrates 25 years of an ever-growing presence in the markets that operates.

Since its foundation, it has focused on a culture based on rigor, guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders, and seeking leadership for quality and innovation in the most demanding markets.