5 most beautiful pools

The 5 most beautiful pools in the world!

The world 5 most beautiful swimming pools ranking chosen by RPIndustries teams. And they all have a reason for being at the top!

#1 – The Hanging Gardens of Bali Hotel Pool

Hanging Gardens

Source: hanginggardensofbali.com

The infinity pool of the 7-star Hanging Gardens hotel in Bali, Indonesia is the number 1 spot in the world’s most beautiful swimming pools.

Located on the terrace of the hotel, the atmosphere is refreshing and the view is intoxicating. The hotel was built to be blend with the dense equatorial forest, near the Ayung River.

#2 – Marina Bay Sands Resort Pool

Marina Bay Sands Resort Pool

The infinity pool at the top of the 55th floor of the Skypark Hotel building in Singapore is breathtaking. It’s in second place because no other pool is installed at such a high point. This allows those who dive into the pool crystalline waters, to be dazzled by the cityscape.

#3 – San Alfonso del Mar Pool

San Alfonso del Mar Pool

We traveled to Chile, and we will find pool number 3. According to the Guinness World Records, it is the largest pool in the world, with more than 1000 meters long. This pool by the sea is so huge that we can sail, do boat trips in addition to swimming. The 10 buildings complex matches perfectly this gigantic swimming pool.

#4 – Aquafalls Nature Hotel Pool

Aquafalls Nature Hotel Pool

Source: Aquafalls

The swimming pool that is at the 4th position is a Portuguese one. It is in one of the most beautiful natural parks, the Peneda-Gerês National Park in Caniçada, Portugal. The infinity pool of this 5-star rural hotel called Aquafalls is to die for and the blend with the crystal blue water of the pool with the deep green of the Cávado river is perfect.

#5 – Crocosaurus Cove Pool

Crocosaurus Cove Pool

On the other side of the planet, “down under” as the Australians say, we will find a totally different pool from the last 4. This is not for relaxing, nor for swimming. The 5th most beautiful pool in the world is beautiful because we can be close to one of the oldest living animals in the world: the crocodiles. Dare you swim in this pool?