Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters for healthy water

The swimming pool´s filters, pumps, and filtration accessories had been developed to offer an unquestionable water quality. Everything must be idealized when the pool installation is happening and so is the physical treatment of the water. It is important that the filtration system has a proper dimension to ensure that the pool water goes through the filter at least 2.5 per day.

– Effective water filtration;
– Silent pumps;
– Ease of handling;
– High resistance and longevity.

Filtros para piscinas SOLEO


The SOLEO pool filters have been developed as recognized solutions that guarantee clear and crystalline water. The SOLEO pool filter range has a sand filter solution – it is one of the most widely used and effectively filter solutions in the world, and cartridge filters – a greener solution capable of a superior filtration fineness.


Filtros para piscinas SOLEO - areia

Sand Filter
It is very effective and it is the most commonly used solution to filter your pool water.

Cartridge Filter
It’s a green solution for indoor pools or salt disinfection.

It´s a skimmer filter combination ideal for a raised pool installation

Bombas autoaspirantes para piscinas RP

Filtration Pumps
Extremely quiet SOLEO´s pumps ensures a long service life.