The SOLEO INFINITY range is one constructive concept that was developed by the RP INDUSTRIES. And can be used to install an overflow swimming pool. Using exclusive SOLEO technology, RP INDUSTRIES allows the construction of an infinite steel swimming pool with the possibility of a 150/100 reinforced liner coating a glass mosaic tile.


The galvanized steel SOLEO´s infinity pool has been developed based on an aesthetic concept that allows the creation of a visual effect or optical illusion where water becomes a prolongation of the horizon line.

The installation of a Soleo Infinity pool results in an aesthetic with surprising effects, transforming itself into the continuity of the environment surrounding the pool.

The installation of the Infinity´s pool is used in different applications. In most of the cases, it can be the response to a more complex terrain configuration, with steep slopes.

SOLEO Infinity technology uses state-of-the-art processes to design galvanized steel panels. They can be coated with a 150/100 reinforced liner or in an AQUAVITREO glass mosaic tile. Thanks to this innovative technology it is possible to install an Infinity pool in little more than 7 to 8 days.
SOLEO´s Infinity technology as an exclusive advantage, because it makes possible to overcome the normal weaknesses associated with conventional concrete technology. This conventional concrete technology requires regular maintenance, as well as considerable investment repairs.

The SOLEO, by RP INDUSTRIES construction system, has a structure with the most resistant steel of the market used in the construction of swimming pools. This concept also allows providing a system of superior quality as regards the resistance to phenomena such as seismic activity, thermal amplitude or natural compaction of the lands.