SOLEO´s pool certificates

Pool certificates and all documentation attesting to the quality of a product are always welcome when purchasing a pool.

When you decide to hand out your pool payment check, make sure you do it to a trustworthy company. This is a long-term investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Nowadays, it is common to find companies that disappear as quickly as they appear. Some of them use unconventional techniques – promoting a world of easiness – that clients must be vigilant and distrust.

Be careful not to choose a company who is trying to deceive you. Poorly done work is always expensive and comparing two budgets is not always done well. Most budgets do not mention VAT, nor do they guarantee that they are a responsible and organized company that fulfills their salary and tax obligations.
Always demand statements, pool certificates, and product data sheets. Remember to ask for all sorts of documentation and evidence to ensure that you are not being deceived.

Certificados de Piscinas SOLEO

SME Leader for 8 consecutive years

After having achieved the status of SME Excellence in 2010, the RP INDUSTRIES recognizes the effort made, particularly when in an adverse economic and financial context it proves to be a solid and trustworthy company.

Certificados de piscinas - Testes

Tested and Certified Products

To validate the quality of its products, the RP INDUSTRIES regularly submits its products to independent laboratories testing. In this way, it is possible not only to test the quality but also to contribute to the evolution of the products.

Certificados de Piscinas - Alvará de Construção

Building permit

A building permit is a compulsory and renewable license that enables a company to carry their work in the construction sector. RP INDUSTRIES holds a license that certifies its performance in the market.

Certificados Piscinas - Segurança Social

Social Security Certificate

The certificate of non-debt to the Social Security certifies the credibility of the company in its operation in the market. This document integrates the dossier of the swimming pool´s certificate delivered by this company.

Certificados de Piscinas - Finanças

Finance Certificate

In the same way as the Social Security certificate, the certificate of non-debt to Finance demonstrates the responsibility of the company towards its obligations to its clients and society in general.

Certificados de Piscinas - Seguros


The company operates in the market with a strong sense of responsibility. SOLEO swimming pool´s certificates are available for consultation on liability and accident insurances.