Advantages of purchasing a SOLEO Pool Kit

The dream of having your own private pool is a common goal for most of the population. The SOLEO pool kit from RP INDUSTRIES presents you with some of the main advantages that make a pool such a desired item.

SOLEO Pool kit has a superior resistance, because of its 10 times more resistant steel structure used in the construction of swimming pools. This SOLEO pool kit is very easy and quick to install. All to offer you unique moments of well-being.

Between moments of happiness with your family and the increase value of your home, there will be plenty of reasons for you to build a SOLEO pool.

kit piscina SOLEO

kit piscina SOLEO

Robust pool Kit

The construction of the SOLEO Pool kit allows you to have a highly robust pool. With a simple installation procedure, you avoid the normal inconvenience associated with major construction works.

kit piscina SOLEO

Increases the value of your home

A pool is usually associated with a fun time. It is also a way you can value your property. In addition to the leisure moments offered by this pool, it can be an extra factor to boost your property´s sale or rental.

kit piscina SOLEO

Aesthetic appreciation

Among all the advantages when building it, a swimming pool adds an aesthetic appreciation around the space.
Of unparalleled beauty, the SOLEO pool kit gives you the possibility to get a unique space of rare beauty.

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Living Space

It is a space of choice to gather family and friends. A swimming pool is a perfect excuse to strengthen family life because it can offer unique moments of fun for both, children and adults.

Welfare, comfort, and privacy

The moments of happiness lived in a pool deserves to be lived intensely. The installation of a SOLEO pool kit assures complete comfort and privacy that which is common of a private pool

Anti-seismic technology

The SOLEO pool kit is equipped with innovative anti-seismic technology that has a superior resistance to soil movement.
It has a superior resistance system compared to traditional concrete or fiber pools.